Entrepreneurial Resources

The Spokane Angel Alliance loves entrepreneurs! If you run a start-up company—or just have a great business idea and the passion to turn it into a start-up company—we would like to help you.

Connecting with the right people is essential to your success, and our speaker programs and forums are fantastic networking opportunities for you to get exposure for your business and for yourself. We also offer training in pitching to investors and community building programs to connect you with fellow entrepreneurs.

Need money?

Who doesn’t! But keep in mind that not all businesses are appropriate candidates for angel funding. Accepting private equity investment means selling part of your company, and may not be the right funding mechanism for your business. Our angels are most likely to be interested in innovative technology, a scalable business model, a team with a proven track record, a demonstrated ability to generate revenue, and a company located in the Inland Northwest.

If you believe that your company fits this profile, send us a note and let us know!

Receiving capital from angels, however, is not as simple as meeting certain criteria and having an application approved; it requires finding the right people and convincing them to invest. You need to have a coherent business plan or executive summary, and a well-prepared pitch to present to angels.

If you are selected to present your investment opportunity to the Spokane Angel Alliance, we will gladly assist you in honing your pitch, and do our best to connect you with relevant advisors and potentially interested investors. Remember, though, your company may not be at the right fit for a particular angel or group; as in any relationship, a successful connection between entrepreneur and investor depends on many factors, including timing, compatibility and individual interests. The process of finding the right match requires patience and perseverance.

Not an angel deal?

That’s okay! Many of our programs can still help you get connected and learn what you need to know to get your company off the ground. In addition to Spokane Angel Alliance, there are many organizations in the region dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.