Spokane Angel Alliance

The Spokane Angel Alliance is an organization of individually accredited investors and corporate members in the Inland Northwest. Members meet regularly to share lunch, hear about promising young companies and evaluate investment opportunities. While SAA members make their own individual investments, being part of the organization means they have access to screened and well-presented deals, and the support of fellow members who can share the due diligence process and co-invest with them.

In addition to the regular investment meetings, the SAA offers other avenues for angels to engage with entrepreneurs, as well as educational and social opportunities for members, potential members, and guests. The SAA has relationships with other angel organizations across the region, and as well as with regional venture capital firms and other providers of is a member of the Angel Capital Association, a national organization of angel groups.

Are you an angel?

Angel investors are accredited individuals who invest their own money in (usually) early-stage companies in return for equity in the company. In addition to providing needed seed funding, an angel may also take an active role in guiding the entrepreneur, advising the company, taking a seat on the company’s board, or even joining the company as an executive. An active and effective angel group is a vital component of a thriving, innovative economy.

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Looking for angel capital?

First, determine whether your company is an appropriate candidate for angel investment–the majority of small businesses in need of capital are not.

An optimal angel deal will have:

  • an innovative product (preferably with patentable intellectual property)
  • a scalable business model
  • a team with a proven track record
  • potential for rapid high growth
  • potential for a high return on investment

The Spokane Angel Alliance invests primarily in companies based in the Inland Northwest.

Next, ask yourself: “do I really want angel investors?” Remember that you are selling part of your company, giving up a percentage of control and potential profit.

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